Spotify x Syfy Channel: SXSW Activation

For SXSW 2016, REIFY built an immersive AR experience for Spotify and Syfy channel at the Spotify House to launch Syfy’s new show premiering last Spring, “Hunters.”

In Syfy’s “Hunters,” a new series from the producers of The Walking Dead and Syfy’s 12 Monkeys, alien terrorists come to earth and use Spotify to send each other messages hidden in music.  As the Hunters see the world through sound waves and messages, REIFY built “Hunter Vision” for the audience to view the world through the engaging and beautiful Hunters’ lens.

Inside a “Hunters” branded shipping container at the Spotify House, guests could explore both their friends and the surrounding area as the aliens would through “Hunter Vision” on a custom iPad application that REIFY developed. As guests interacted with their friends and their environment, the sounds and sights of the Hunters’ world came to life all set to the series’ soundtrack. In-app video captures allowed them to share the experience with their community directly to social media.

SXSW 2016 Syfy Channel x Spotify x REIFY | HUNTERVISION